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Data Plates

Data Plates


This page is designed to give you a quick overview of our products before going into further details. Simply hover above the thumbnail for a larger image.

Flexible Plaques Flexible Plaques

As the name suggests these panels are flexible. Much less likely to crack, also they can be laser cut which keeps the cost down.

Traffolyte Plaques Traffolyte Plaques

These look very similar to flexible panels, their advantages are that they withstand more heat and have a harder surface. The disadvantages are that they cost more and are brittle and prone to cracking.

Stainless Steel Plaques Stainless Steel Plaques

The ultimate in data plates, strong, durable and resistant to heat and chemicals, not to mention that they look great too. Widely used in the food and marine industries. Can be laser or chemically etched.

Specials Plaques Specials Plaques

Special engraving laminates can offer a good alternative to brushed stainless steel, brushed brass and anodised aluminium. They look very similar but they do not offer the same resistance as stainless steel so ensure that they are suited to your application.


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