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Projecting Swing Signs

Projecting Swing Signs


This page is designed to give you a quick overview of our products before going into further details. Simply hover above the thumbnail for a larger image.

Designer Iron Designer Iron

A more fancy, ornate designed bracket. Each sign hanger is individually hand crafted from a heavy-duty gauge material, then completely galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance.

Marquee Swing Signs Marquee Swing Signs

These signs have either Perspex or Foamex panels, (PVC) and an aluminium frame which is available in a standard silver but can also be painted to a standard RAL colour. they are also Ideal for downlighting.

Project Swing Signs Project Swing Signs

These signs have a wide range of brackets and panel shapes and sizes. The panels are thick PVC. Most models are suitable for downlighting.

Bespoke Swing Signs Bespoke Swing Signs

Bespoke swing signs made in a variety of materials. Call to discuss your requirements.


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